Laboratory automation

Laboratory automation solutions enhance the workflows in laboratories by automating the liquid handling steps and sample preparation. Automated liquid handling platforms secure uniform assay results and provide suitable options for laboratories in every size ranging from automating a single pipeting routine to large integrated high throughput platforms.

Complete the system with stand-alone or integrated decapping devices for automated opening of screw caps.

Liquid handling solutions

Microlab STAR M

The industry-leading Microlab STAR automated liquid handler with ultimate customizability for any application or requirement.

Microlab VANTAGE

The next generation of liquid handling automation optimized for the current and future needs of laboratories.


Fast and easy to use system with a small foorprint for automating pipeting routines


LabElite Decapper

The DeCapper is an easy-to-use device that provides automated decapping/capping of tubes in 24-, 48-, and 96-format tube racks, with internal or external threads.

LabElite I.D. Capper

The all-in-one I.D. Capper enables labs to combine decapping/capping and high-speed barcode reading within one device without any additional hardware.

LabElite Integrated I.D. Capper

The Integrated I.D. Capper features all of the utility of the standalone version and allows users to seamlessly integrate these features with their Hamilton Microlab STAR.

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