TB GAS Mini 100 Petri Pack

Produkto kodas: 655K
Tiekėjas: ORUM International S.r.l.
Paketo dydis: 1 vnt.

Informacija apie produkta

Consisting of:

  • 600 TRIO.GAS SYSTEM complete of stainless steel electrovalve, gas connection, stainless steel fixing system for air sampler and carrying case
  • 153 TRIO.BAS MINI BLUETOOTH Air sampler (100 lts/min) Petri 90 plate with Battery charger 100/240VCA 18VDC 859 mA - cable with adapter for plug Eu/UK/USA - and 1 calibration certificate
  • 398 ROBUSTUS M carrying case for TRIO.GAS SYSTEM - 50x35x28 cm
  • 331 Stainless steel ASPI HEAD Petri plate
  • 465 COVER HEAD stainless steel to protect ASPI HEAD
  • 524 LIGHT carrying case - 43x35x19h cm - for MINI