ASKION C-line® biobank product line offers hermetic storages that preserve the quality of the sample during freezing, storage and handling. Semi or fully automated  HS200 storages are efficient and can store all types of biomaterial reliably.

Special cryoracks are available for various sample formats. The cryoracks are used for the storage of samples inside the ASKION C-line® hermetic storage. The racks are independent of the sample format and are individually configurable.


ASKIONin C-line® semi or fully automated HS200 hermetic storages are efficient and can store all types of biomaterial reliably. Samples are stored in gas phase of liquid nitrogen at -185 °C.

HS200 cryostorages can be combined with C-line® work bench, automationand and C-line® control 2.0 database set up that fulfills the high standars of biobanks. Modular design allows each biobank to create the set up that meets their needs. Number of cryo storage racks depends on the amount of samples needed to store. Racks can combine different sample formats, like straws, vials, tissue or blood cassettes in one rack. HS200 storages have uninterrupted cooling chain below -100 °C and integrated barcode scanners.

C-line®  HS200 storages are available in three sizes:

Measurements 125 x 180 x 245 cm 300 x 250 x 270 cm 450 x 350 x 320 cm
Weight 840 kg (fully loaded) 3300 kg (fully loaded) 8000 kg (fully loaded)
T-range working area Adjustable -110°C ... -80°C Adjustable -130°C ... -80°C Adjustable -130°C ... -80°C
Capacity (⌀ 9mm / 1ml vials*) 47 100 137 000 376 000

*The actual capacity depends on the used format/manufacturer.


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