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ImmunoCard STAT!® HpSA® HD

Produkto kodas: 750020
Tiekėjas: Meridian Bioscience Europe
Paketo dydis: 20 testai

Informacija apie produkta

Rapid Immunoassay for the Detection of Helicobacter pylori Antigens in Stool Specimens

ImmunoCard STAT!® HpSA® HD is a second generation rapid lateral flow immunoassay that utilizes a monoclonal anti -H pylori antibody. A diluted patient stool sample is dispensed into the sample port of the test device and the appearance of a pink-red line in the reading window next to the letter T after 5 minutes of incubation at room temperature indicates a positive result.

Specimen Type: Stool (unpreserved)
Sensitivity: 94.30 %
Specificity: 99.20 %
Time to Results (TAT): 5 mins